Developer’s Message to ArcheAge SEA Players - December 2020Notice

2020-12-30 13:00
Greetings, Heroes of Erenor!
This is Yong-Jin Ham, Producer of ArcheAge at XLGAMES.
It has already been 7 months since we started the service of ArcheAge in the SEA region. The year 2020 has been a challenging one for everyone, yet it has also been a year where our developers worked hard for the users in Southeast Asia.

Although we tried to provide updates as frequently as possible, we understand that some of you may not be satisfied. There also might be disappointment among users that the service is limited to certain regions.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you the direction and content roadmap of ArcheAge SEA service in 2021, and the evolution of SEA service into the “Asian Region Service”.

January 2021: Server Merge: Kyprosa + Orchidna
February 2021: Garden Update, Enter Taiwan (and Traditional Chinese language), and a Fresh Start Server
March 2021: Magic Land Update
Merge of Kyprosa and Orchidna Servers

Recently, Kyprosa and Orchidna servers have been stagnant, making it difficult for the users to enjoy new contents. Therefore, we decided to merge the two servers for an enhanced and more fun user experience.

The newly-merged server will be named ‘Nui’, name of the goddess who manages the iconic world of death in the ArcheAge lore. The current plan is to merge the servers on January 21, 2021, and details will be informed via a separate announcement. We strive to provide a better environment where you can enjoy various contents of ArcheAge more actively by merging the servers.
Evolution of SEA Service into the Asian Region Service

We initially launched the service in Southeast Asia targeting Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines among other countries. However, we realized there are users from wider variety of regions that play in the SEA service than we expected. In addition, we have continuously received feedbacks from users in certain regions that they would like to play in the SEA service where the contents and updates originate from the Korean build.

We also acknowledge the willingness of users in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau to access the SEA service. So we decided to expand the SEA service to an Asian region service, allowing users in Taiwan to access the service from February 2021. Moreover, we are planning to add a fresh start server, and the game service will be additionally supported in traditional Chinese language when the game is launched.

Please look forward to the upcoming announcements as we will provide you the details once the schedule is confirmed. We promise to make a leap forward to Asian region service with content updates based on the Korean build.
Major Update: 1st Quarter of 2021

1) New Zone “Magic Land”

(Picture) Magic Land

In March 2021, Magic Land will be introduced. After the adventurer leaves the Garden, a new episode has started through Erenor Sacred Place, and the main quest of Magic Land recommences with Ardios who recovered his memory.

The new area, Garden and Erenor Sacred Place are planned to be opened before the Magic Land update. Be prepared for the adventure of new challenges.
2) New Raid Boss “Nehliya”

A new boss raid: Nehliya. You can engage Nehliya in Magic Land, the new zone. In order to confront Nehliya, the Risopoda Chaser needs to be proceeded first; only the faction that defeats the Risopoda is allowed to enter the raid. Unqualified contestants will not be able to withstand the damage from the barrier or they will be stuck like a stone statue. Therefore, to engage with Nehliya, you must defeat the Risopoda as quickly as possible.

Stay tuned. Once Nehliya is defeated, attractive rewards and interesting stories await!

(Picture) Nehliya Raid Rewards
3) Vehicle Component Modification
(Picture) Vehicle Component Modification

This is a system where you can swap the vehicle components and modify them to various abilities depending on the desired use, as can be done on ships.

In this update, the Vehicle Modification system is applied only on the Timber Coupe/Redwood Roadster series, and the Strada. Later on, the system will also be available for Rampage and farm vehicles.

In addition, the system could be used in the Risopoda which is added with Magic Land.
4) Other Various Updates

Following the January update, the February update is planned to continue to provide you with the contents and progression goals, starting with the updates of the Garden and Erenor Sacred Place which are important places in the world of ArcheAge.

In March, the House Fairy system, new Chronicle quest, and more powerful JMG bosses will be introduced.

We always wanted to provide updates as quickly as possible, but there were various challenges. The biggest blocker for us was multi-language translation. To provide the Korea version of ArcheAge to the SEA service, more than substantial amount of time was necessary to translate Korean into English, Thai, and Bahasa Indonesian. This consequentially resulted in prolonged update frequencies.

We are internally discussing how to resolve this issue moving forward. An idea we are considering is to update the new contents in English first and then follow up with other languages later on. This will enable us to narrow the content gap between the Korean and the Asian region versions.

Once we reach a conclusion, we will let you know via announcement. Considering the current schedule, we are planning to update the new skillset and new weapon in Q2 2021. In Q3 and beyond, we plan to introduce the solo play dungeon, renewal of Rift system, strengthening of the guild functions, as well as new zones.

In the year of 2021, we are hoping to make a big leap forward from SEA service to Asian region service.

Thank you for your interest and support in ArcheAge.

Happy New Year!