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Your Feedback Is Vital To Us: DEVELOPER'S MESSAGE

bweekz Comment 0 73
2021-01-16 03:49

Which content in the Developer’s Message do you want to play the most and first?

Castle siege battle and job/skill balance on 7.0

Give us your overall feedback about the Developer’s Message.

I think developer's message is a good idea (if done rightly) to gather some context from the players side, maybe creating a community or designated people to gather some more context / information regarding what needs to be done or not and checking it with the developer side of game designer.

Any feedback / suggestions you want to share with us? Doesn’t have to be related to the Developer’s Message!

For an MMO, i don't know whether the population of the server is healthy or not. It seems like there's hardly any new player that are playing and i don't even stumble upon some kind of advertisement to get new players. Also the patch should be implemented faster to maintain the current player that are currently waiting for the content and not stop playing in the middle of waiting it.

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