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Your Feedback Is Vital To Us: DEVELOPER'S MESSAGE

2021-01-16 03:51

Which content in the Developer’s Message do you want to play the most and first?
- garden ? boring just more pve and more pve bring us new content that never been add in any NA server i believe the developer can make it happen :D ( like the event aria and now in the silent forest)
- new instance (pvp for sure) i think duet 2vs2 is good choise, and some pve its fine like ( mistong banquet ??)

Give us your overall feedback about the Developer’s Message
- hmmm, the population is low merging just for temporary solution i believe, the problem from what i see is, ppl is geting boring due the late update & some system like high tax?

Any feedback / suggestions you want to share with us? Doesn’t have to be related to the Developer’s Message!
- random crash i believe its the gameguard issue, sometime while open warehose/mount
- auto force close and pop web gameguard while multitasking/alt tabbing ( streaming,watching,) heyy player are human too i cant sit in my chair and watch this game like 24h
- need to optimize EHM map( daily kill tree) cuz of CRASH
- AND THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT (BOT BSB+CARGO PORT HACK) u can check in any comunity center& outlet usually gwen,halcy,tc,cinder alots of them

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