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Event: Your Feedback Is Vital To Us: DEVELOPER'S MESSAGE

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2021-01-16 07:28

1. Content in Developer’s Message that i am exciting to know and want to play the most and first is : The new skillset & Vehicle Component Modification for a Rampage car.

2. My overall feedback about the Developer’s Message is : I really like that the server Orchidna & Kyprosa are merged and a plan on making a new fresh start server, also am so exciting for the thought of trying a new skillset because i really like a gun type class/character that use firearms as their main weapon.

And the Vehicle Component Modification stuff, YES i'm hoping the car can be more durable (hard to destroyed), maybe having a rider intuition too after get upgraded or added a certain component at a certain tier to get various effect/skills? like having a skill to make car invisible, or a bracing blast type skill that make nearby enemy pushed back, silenced & or even disarmed?! or immune to damage skills like invincibility skill ?!.

overall, i'm glad the update is progressing and me or we as a player getting closer to the newest update version of ArcheAge like in other region has. Especially when i read that a new skillset and rampage modification is a thing, those 2 are the one i excited and wanted the most in the developer message update plan.

3. My suggestions about the game is :
-i want a resplendent serendipity stone also included in the update and if possible obtainable from excanging a loyalty token or honor point or both if possible.

-Beanstalk treehouses design, i'm sure there are player also waiting for those design to be available.

-If possible, show us the actual percentage bonus we get from Resillience, Thoughness and Focus stat actually provide to the character.

-Remove the Not Guilty option verdict in a trial and shorten the timer for choosing verdict also give a very strict penalty to a jury that are afk or stalling time to choose a verdict during trial. Remove an escape method from jail like abusing their way out using a guide that are shared across youtube (the sideway jump trick). Increase the time to serve in jail from killing a player/s.

-Make a way or method or more stuff or that are needed dailies for a certain proffesion or players so the use of silver ore/ingot, Glowing prism, thunderstruck tree & natural rubber can be more valuable. It's funny BUT buying a copper ore with gold coin or copper ore are way expensive than a silver & gold is just makes no sense.

-Remove the copper ingot materials needed to craft the silver key & gold key. Remove the silver ingot needed to craft gold key. Just think about it, why we need another copper ingot if the materials already asked for copper key that are already made out of copper when we are tryining to make a silver key?

-And lastly, make a certain type school of monster shark (and if possible make it strong strong, like double the strength of elite abyssal legion at amaitan forest in eastern hiram mountain) to spawn when a battle between players (only between player) happen at an open sea, that would be dope and exciting, also make the shark have siege damage type so it can harm a boat/ships, this is a monster sharks we are talking about and all of those boat & ships haul available in game are currently made out of woods. The shark priority should be always a nearby/closest player they spot that are swim around it radious if there's any, if there is none, their 2nd priority are to attack the boat/ships, & despawn if there is no available target nearby.

That is all that are quickly come in my mind about a suggestion for an ArcheAge stuff. Thankyou for the opportunity given to gives us a chance to share our suggestion and also get a rewards too, i'm loving it.

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