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developer massage

kurome Comment 4 163
2021-01-16 12:08

-castle,new map,etc

-its time to give us what we deserve
1. decrese labor cost from syntesis hiram from 20 to 10 (u guys must understand most ppl using hiram), on NA 15labor so sea must be better right :D
2. update the loyalty/divine key ( put some new mount/glider,serenp stone,lunafrost,etc)
3. give us FARMHAND update its amazing, not all ppl can play and stand in his chair just for to do a farming/loging/gathering/etc, playing game its suppose to make it easy and fun right ? not making harder&tired :D
4. lower ur stupid TAX, whats the point makin teritory tax high when land is empty ? lower the AH TAX, ARCHERLIFE its suppose 5% like patron not 20%, OMG

from my exp to bring back player
1. make a event that give ppl super nice reward (event jack that cost syntesis,etc)
2. support ur new player, give them someting that make it easy to catch the gap of lvl (free archelife its good 7d)
3. DISMATLE THIS STUPID BOT BSB+CARGO omg ppl takes efford to make onyx and sometimes got pirating, and this stupid bot make it super ez, make cargo pack on TC outlet 1mnt later they just arrive on yny outlet super nice gameguard damn ( NO1 WANTS TO PLAY WITH GAME FULLY OF CHEATER AND BOTTERS), trace their main char and banned permanent.
4. linepod need to improve for fck sake at least can save my account name :D
5. need to optimize the EHM map specialy on tree daily location because of ppl geting crash there
6, make EHM daily to weekly OMG
7. some upgrade vinecle are cool
8. gameguard need to enhance or change cus some random crash and stupid pop web gameguard and its only happen on sea server
9, make a content that can fit with our population for ex : from now black dragon is unkillable on kyropsa, merging it will be same, or it will be useleess content cuz no 1 want to do it
10. im still thingking xD, and will update when i remember someting in my mind

Comment 4
  • gils
    update loyality/divine key and dismatle this stupid bot bsb + cargo
    2021-01-16 15:37
  • tyrande
    all of this things should be realized ASAP, bcause its SOO BIG Gap between new players and the old players.
    also grindinng Gold and Gear is took us forever. so how to catch the high equipment point then?
    tbh this game is perfect, only at all problems at the above is killing us
    2021-02-15 01:36
  • tyrande
    and its making people quitting game :c
    2021-02-15 01:37
  • tyrande
    like, people not gonna Online on their pc for 24hr to regen labor, right?
    i hope its fixed soon.. ty dev
    2021-02-15 01:38
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