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Your Feedback Is Vital To Us: DEVELOPER'S MESSAGE

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2021-01-17 07:00

- Which content in the Developer’s Message do you want to play the most and first?

I'm really waiting for the Fresh Start Server! because i really want to comeback playing this game without worrying about keeping up the pace from people who didn't stop playing it.

- Give us your overall feedback about the Developer’s Message.

It's really nice about this, because now the community has the media to express what they want for the future in ASIA ArcheAge Servers.

And the looks of this is cool and easy to use! that's the importan point.

- Any feedback / suggestions you want to share with us? Doesn’t have to be related to the Developer’s Message!

All i want is for you guys to update the "Custom Crest System" because this system can make people more creative about designing household,ship,and painting.

One more thing from me just for this community is active to give some newbies a guide because the game instead is hard to be honest for someone who just started the game!

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