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Your Feedback Is Vital To Us: DEVELOPER'S MESSAGE

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2021-01-17 21:15


- Which content in the Developer’s Message do you want to play the most and first?
New life experience. Build new car!

-Give us your overall feedback about the Developer’s Message.
I really love ArcheAge, Thank you developer.

- Any feedback / suggestions you want to share with us? Doesn’t have to be related to the Developer’s Message!
I hope....
1. Block illegally moving players. They carry the goods, then disappear and appear in another place.
2. After the servers are merged, the number of people and delivery people will increase. Please increase the delivery limit to slow down the 130% drop.
3. 1 account can only create characters of the same race.
4. Increased natural resources.
5. Because of love, we continue to stay in the disadvantaged. Please give more help to disadvantaged races.


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