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Your Feedback Is Vital To Us: DEVELOPER'S MESSAGE

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2021-01-17 22:16
  • Which content in the Developer’s Message do you want to play the most and first?

- Vehicle Component Modification is interesting to me. It will be practical that we can personalize our cars as we can to the ships.

  • Give us your overall feedback about the Developer’s Message.

- I appreciate the develop's effort of continuous improving ArcheAge. I feel comforting that our developer has a clear roadmap for the future and is willing to communicate with players.

  • Any feedback / suggestions you want to share with us? Doesn’t have to be related to the Developer’s Message!

- The staff of official Facebook page and Ticket System of ArcheAge SEA is impressive, as they are sincere and can always reply promptly.
- There is a constant crash issue in the map of Eastern Hiram Mountains near Ipnya's Blessing. It is known to be happened across different PCs with different OS and hardware settings. Players constantly form raids to do daily quest there and the crash caused inconvenience to a large number of players every time.
- The trade system has made ArcheAge special, and most players are depending on it. However, it has been jeopardized by the increasing robot armies, while they flooded the trade post and ruined the trade pack prices persistently.

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