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2021-03-06 16:39

farmer: what you fight for? is it worth your life?
warrior : we have to protect you guys and fight all enemies and pirate, loyalty is my dignity , life is nothing without it.
farmer : yeah, but i don't care because i'm a carefish
warrior: ypu mean, carebear? you don't fight for nation. you are pathethic
farmer: nope i'm care fish. fish for life i don't care what world we live in. anyone can choose the life. and you are just the one piece of robot
warrior : damn, what the fuck are you thinkning
farmer : carebear, carefish, carecarecare.......
warrior: you died, sup sup sup[three stabs]
farmer: wat? you are
warrior: bloodlust haha, thanks for letting me know that how easy to backstab farmer and steal thier assets.

The end

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