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My Armor Type

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2021-05-14 23:38

my armor type is Leather, coz i'm an archer main :)

but, what's best armor types? (TLDR in bottom)

basically in ARCHEAGE, armor types works like ROCK/PAPER/SCISSOR.
so although there are no "BEST" armor type perse, but there is "BEST" for your build/class

before we answer that, we should gather all the pros and cons of each armor types

Pro : Highest Physical Defence
basically the best counter for : Archers, Battlerage, and Swiftblade class

Con : Super Low Magical Defence

Bonus Set:
attachment image

Pro : Highest Magical Defence
basically the best counter for : Sorcery, Malediction, and Occultism

Con : Super Low Physical Defence

Bonus Set:
attachment image

3. Leather

Leather is Balanced Armor, it has the same amount of Physical and Magical Defence

Bonus Set:
attachment image

now after all that, there is couple consideration on what armor types you should choose

what i mean with your class is, are you using a SHIELD or not
not always but most people will try to balance their defence out, like for example :
physical tanks(ex:Abolisher) are usually go for Plate/Leather armor then use Magical defence Shield, but
magical tanks(ex:Defiler) are usually go for Cloth/Leather arnor then use Physical defence Shield.

2. Activity Focus
what i mean with activity is, are you involved more in small skirmishes(1v1-25v25) or big raid wars(50vs50-200v200)?
where you're trying to shine?
because in big scale fights, physical defence are more important than magical ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE MELEE CLASS, the reason for that is "ARCHERS"

3. Between Archer and Sorcery, which one are most used in your server.

4. Defence point Diminish Return
the higher your defence point are, the higher your damage resistance in percentage %
however there is "Diminish Return" system on it.
in short to explain what "Diminish Return" is, basically the higher your defence points are the lower % resistance it give.
for example:
at 8000 def you'll have 50% damage reduction (8000 def = 50%)
at 16.000 def you'll only have 67% damage reduction (8000 def = +16%)
at 24.000 def you'll only have 75% damage reduction (8000 def = +8%)

just choose whatever suit your play style, however because of the armor's "BONUS SET" are too minor, in the endgame, most people will choose "LEATHER" because of the "Diminish Return" system, so they can be strong in both physical and magical resist.

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