[Notice] ArcheAge, Asia Regions Service TerminationNotice

2023-08-31 09:00
Hello, this is ArcheAge.
We first thank everyone who had been with us with ArcheAge.

On December 1, 2023 0:00AM (UTC+8), we made a difficult decision to be ending the ArcheAge Asian Regions Service.
Opening at Southeast Asia Region in May 2020, and reopening at Taiwan Region in February 2021 had been precious moments with our Inheritors. However, we decided after long consideration that we can no longer provide satisfactory gameplay and unfortunately end the service on December 1, 2023.
Our Development Team still plans to proceed with the update or event, item distribution, etc. so that inheritors can enjoy the game to the fullest until the End of Service. Furthermore, we will take significant measures to not provide a disadvantage through the Refund Application within the service period.
We sincerely thank your time being with and support towards ArcheAge.
■ ArcheAge Asia Regions Service End and Refund Schedule Notice
1. Service End Schedule: December 1, 2023 0:00AM (UTC+8)
2. Payment Close Schedule: August 31, 2023 10:00AM (UTC+8)
3. Official Community Close Schedule: December 1, 2023 0:00AM (UTC+8)
  A. Facebook: 
  B. YouTube:
■ Refund Notice
1. Refund Application Period: August 31, 2023 10:00AM ~ December 1, 2023 0:00AM (UTC+8)
2. Refund Deposit Schedule: Amount sent until December 19, 2023 6:00PM UTC+8 (Refund Amount Deposit may delay according to the local bank situation)
3. Refund Target: 
  A. All users who hold paid cash of at least over worth USD 10$
  B. For accounts with remaining ArcheLife time that logged in between September 1, 2022 ~ September 7, 2023, 330 XL Cash per day left after the End of Service will be given within September 14, 2023
4. Refund Fee: Higher amount between 30% of Paid Cash balance or USD 8$ will be exempt
5. Refund Application Method: 
  A. Cash Refund Application: Cash will be deposited to the bank account according to the Refund Application Information when the user applies for a refund. 
  B. POD Coin Conversion Application: POD Coin will be given to the POD ID registered by sending the user’s Refund Application Information to LINE Corporation when applying for the Conversion. (POD ID can be checked at LINE POD Page > My profile)
  C. Contact [ArcheAge Official Website > Customer Support 1:1 Ticket(Click Link)] for a refund application after writing the Refund Application Information.
※ Refund Application Information: 
A. Game Information: Character Nickname and Server Name
B. Account Information: Bank Name, Account Number, Depositor English Name, SWIFT Code, Country Code or Foreign Bank Code
C. User Information: User’s English Name, Bank Expense Screenshot of LINE POD Coin Charge, User’s English Residential Address and Contact(Phone Number), LINE POD ID Information
- User Account Information(Bank Name, Account Number, Depositor English Name, SWIFT Code, Country Code or Foreign Bank Code) will be kept for 5 years and removed based on the legislation to preserve the refund process and proof record according to the End of Service.
Please apply for a refund after writing the Application Information above if you agree to the condition.
※ Refund Unavailable Target
1. Free Event, Coupon Reward, etc. Items and Free Cash
2. Already Used or Bind Item purchased by Paid Cash
3. Remaining ArcheLife Time before the Service End Date: December 1, 2023 0:00AM (UTC+8)
4. User applying after the Refund Application Period (Paid Cash and all held items disappear along with the End of Service)
■ Notes
- Applying for a Refund can be done until the Service End Date, and will not be processed after the period. 
- Refund amount deposit completion may take time according to the local bank situation registered by the user.
- Refund Application can only be done through Customer Support 1:1 Ticket(Click Link)], and will not be processed when applied through another channel.
- Access to Gameplay, Official Website, Community Channel, etc. cannot be done after the Service End Date, and the user’s paid cash and items will all disappear.
- Refund Transfer occurs according to the user’s Refund Application Information applied within the refund application period. Refund Application Information needs to be registered accurately as bank transfer will not work generally if there is an error or lack of information in the user’s Refund Application Information. If the bank transfer or attempt does not work normally due to errors or lack of details in the Refund Application Information, additional measures will not be made. 

We thank all our inheritors again sincerely for being with us ArcheAge until now,
and hope there is no inconvenience in using the service with the refund standard notice.
Thank you.