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[Equipment] CloakEquipment

2021-01-27 15:23

Do you ever want to wear a cloak but at the same time you won’t look silly? Fret not! In ArcheAge, you can look super cool wearing a cloak while fighting and beating your enemy. It’s not just about the looks but cloak in ArcheAge also has useful various stats for your needs. Cloaks are back pieces that serve as either decorative items or have additional stats.
How to Get a Cloak
There are several ways to obtain cloaks. They are as follows:
Accomplish Race Quests
Obtain from Haunted Chest (drops from Auroria Mobs)
Guild Cloaks from Prestige Shop
You can get a cloak from Guild’s Prestige Shop. First, you must be in a Guild to purchase. It is only purchasable when your Guild is level 3 or higher. Once you’re in a level 3 or above Guild, you’ll need to get 150 Prestige Points to purchase. Prestige can be earned by doing Daily Guild quests and Daily Hunting quests in conflict zones.
And you can get the following cloak through upgrading your guild cloak:
Epherium Cloak
Delphinad Cloak
Ayanad Cloak
Erenor Cloak
You cannot make an Erenor Cloak without an Ayanad Cloak and you cannot make an Ayanad Cloak without a Delphinad Cloak.
How to Upgrade a Cloak
Your Cloak will start at Basic Grade. To upgrade your cloak, open the Gear Upgrade Window, and click on the Synthesis tab. Add the cloak and any two Synthesis Shards/Stones. It will show you how much EXP your cloak will gain. When your cloak reaches Max EXP of the current Grade, it will upgrade to the next Grade. There is a small Gold fee for each Synthesis feeding. Note: You can also use other cloaks to feed your cloak, so if obtaining other cloaks through quests or farming, hold on to them to feed to your Guild cloak.
Once your basic Epherium Cloak reaches Divine Grade, you have the option of upgrading to the next tier (Delphinad). When you upgrade your cloak, the grade will go back down to Grand, and you’ll have to start the Synthesis process again.

So, let's take out your cloak and start to fight your enemies with your cool cloak. Make them see how cool you are with a cloak.
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