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[Item] Nuian MannequinItem

2021-02-04 11:00

Nuian Mannequin (Male/Female)

Nuian Mannequin Appearance


• Mannequins that have the appearance of female / male Nuian.
• The costumes you have can be applied to this Mannequin.
• Cannot be traded
• Grade: Lv.2 Grand

Placement Information

• Can be placed in your perfectly built house
• Placement: Floor of the house
• Placement restrictions: The maximum number of Mannequins that can be placed will differ depending on the size of the house. Cannot be placed in a floorless Housing such as a Farm.
• If a demolished building is in the item placement state, this item and the costume being installed will be mailed. (Items that can be recalled at the time of demoliton are limited to a limit on the number of installs, and do not relate to the item type.)
※ 16m x 16m installation limit: 40 pieces / 24m x 24m and above: 80 pieces


• Can Dress Mannequins.

How to Obtain 
• Can be Purchased from the Cash shop
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