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[Item] Wrapped Macaroon BedItem

2021-02-18 11:00
Wrapped Macaroon Bed



The Macaroon Bed with a sweet smell.
You might get into trouble with sleeping if you rush into the bed and break the Meringue.
• Unwrap to obtain a Macaroon Bed.
• Grade: Lv.2 Grand
• Binds when unwrapped.

Placement Information

• Can be placed in your perfectly built house
• Placement: house floor or yard
Items are returned via mail when the building is demolished. (decor limit 40 is applied regardless of the type of furniture that has been returned from demolition)


Can obtain the following item when unwrapped.
Image Item Quantity Memo
Macaroon Bed  1 pc  
• Can support small objects.
• Provides a place to lie down and rest.
• The owner will recover 150 Labor when rested.
• Rest will no longer recover the labor during the Clear Mind status. 

How to Obtain

• Can be purchased from Cash Shop.
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