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[Item] Scroll: Winged Love Paddleboat Item

2021-02-18 11:00
Scroll: Winged Love Paddleboat 



Prince Reander of Ynystere commissioned the Ynystere Shipwrights’ Guild to build this boat as a token of his love for Princess Lajakan of North Ishvara
Summons a boat or dismisses it back to the otherworld.

• Binds on Pickup
• Categorized in Ships - Rowboat
• Cost for restoration when destroyed : 1 Shatigon’s Sand
• There is a 5-minute cooldown after restoration via Shatigon’s Sand.
Precaution for Use : We recommend you to ride this in a controlled zone as this could anger the solos near you.
We cannot promise your safety in a neutral zone.

Icon Skill Details

Honk Winged Love Paddleboat's Horn

Loudly honk the paddleboat’s horn

Romantic Lovers

Express your love to your lover.

Owner's Mark

Magically marks a device with the owner’s fingerprints,
preventing anyone else from using it until the magic fades.


Dismount from the current device.


Check details on a summon.

How to Obtain

• Can be purchased from Cash Shop during the promotion period.
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