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2021-02-25 13:00
※ The following content has been updated for Nui, Tahyang, and Gene Server.
※ We will update this content on Morpheus Server in the future.

Garden of the Gods

Background Story

This is where Queen Ynys was born, the first living being created by the 'Mother Goddess’.
As the years passed and the 'world' came into being, four gods were born to take care of it and became Ynys’ brothers.
Nuian, Elves, and other races, after their occurence, were influenced by the gods and began to worship them.
After the gods found living beings no longer needed their protection, they hid their power and lived discreetly.
Auroria gradually flourished, and the library expedition of the glorious century became heroes and even gods after they entered ‘the Garden of the Gods' on the journey to reach the origin of the world.
Today, this is where the soul of Kyrios, the God of Destruction, is sealed and the souls of heroes who breathed their last lies.

Map Information

Recommended Level Ancestral 26~28
Climate Distinct climate [Subarctic / Tropical / Arid]
Entrance Eastern Hiram Mountains > Gatekeeper's Hall
Firendly Forces Elemental, Souls of Heroes
Hostile Forces Demon, Antalon, Kyrios
Cycle of Faction Distribution Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 6:00 AM UTC+8
Conflict Period War Period Peace Period
10 Minutes 50 Minutes 60 Minutes

Base position

There are a total of 5 bases connected to the Gates of the Garden. The protection effect prevents all factions from fighting each other.

▲ Locations of Bases in the Garden of the Gods

Area Detail

Secret Grotto

Amber Ridge

Shimmering Glade

Radiant Ridge

Ynys Monolith

Delphinad Wandering Merchant

The Teleport Book cannot be used in the Garden of the Gods and the special Teleport Stones are required to teleport in the Garden of the Gods.
  > The special Teleport Stones can be purchased from the wandering merchant Minty and Kammi.

Item on sale
  Item name Use Effect
Teleport Stone: Secret Grotto Teleports the User to Secret Grotto.
Teleport Stone: Amber Ridge Teleports the user to Amber Ridge.
Teleport Stone: Shimmering Glade Teleports the user to Shimmering Glade.
Teleport Stone: Radiant Ridge Teleports user to Radiant Ridge.

Boss Monsters during War Period 

4 types of boss monsters appear when the Garden of the Gods area is in war period.
  > The boss monsters will disappear as the war ends.

Pyrexius the Impaler

Appears during war in Celestia Area.

Angorak the Fist

> Appears during war in the Elysium Area
Ramsus the Splitter

>Appears in the Celestia Area near the Frost Fangs During War.


> Appears during war in the Elysium Area

Hostile Forces 

Monster Information
Name Level Rank
Pit Fiend Ancestral 27 Elite
Crimson Manticore Ancestral 27 Elite
Scarlet Incubus Ancestral 27 Elite
Infernal Succubus Ancestral 27 Elite
Makavis Ancestral 26 Elite
Centaurus Ancestral 26 Normal
Twintail Wyrm Ancestral 26 Normal
Carnelian Turtle Ancestral 26 Normal
Iridescent Skyfin Ancestral 26 Normal
Prismatic Crayfish Ancestral 26 Normal
Iris Nymph Ancestral 26 Normal
Chromatic Griffin Ancestral 26 Normal
Celestial Stag Ancestral 26 Normal
Boreal Ice Witch Ancestral 26 Normal
Glacial Fox Ancestral 26 Normal
Glacial Kit Ancestral 26 Normal
Primark Ancestral 26 Normal
Shadowhawk Scout Ancestral 26 Normal
Shadowhawk Wizard Ancestral 26 Normal
Shadowhawk Boost Ancestral 26 Normal

Main Quest

Talk to [Enos] to receive <Kyprosa's Message> quest at the Hall of Warriors in the Eastern Hiram Mountains.
  > You must complete the main quest <Path to the Garden> in the Eastern Hiram Mountain first.

List of Main Quest
Main Quest Part Quest Title Starting NPC Mission
Garden Chapter 1. The Gate 1 Kyprosa's Message Enos Meet Enos at the Gate of the Gods.
2 Enos the Oracle Enos Light both braziers and keep them lit. Pick up Firewood to keep Both Braziers lit.
3 Winged Messenger Enos

Talk to the Hiram Owl
Follow the Hiram Owl to Navel of the world

4 Anthalon's Lair Anthalon's Lair Move to the Gate of the Garden
Open the Gate to the Garden
5 Kyprosa's Plea Kyprosa Talk to Kyprosa
Garden Chapter 2. Elysium 1 To Elysium Kyprosa Travel to the Secret Grotto Door
2 The Source of Power Tori Colelct Ametrine Ore and deliver it to Quilla
3 Skyfin Safe Haven Quilla Talk to Holly
4 Amber Ridge Miner Holly Use Ametrine Ore
5 The Genesis Glade Rooks Collect Ametrine Ore and talk to Rooks
6 Rush Delivery Rooks Deliver Ametrine Ore to Quilla
7 Mysterious Elf Quilla Find the Entrance and talk to Mysterious Elf
8 Teamwork Mysterious Elf Defeat Shadow Demons
9 Fighting Kyrios' Minions Mysterious Elf Talk to Quilla
10 A Skyfin's Senses Quilla Colelct and Deliver dying Ametrine Ore
11 Infuse Barrier Crystals Mysterious Elf Distribute the Fading Energy
12 A Nefarious Appearance Mysterious Elf FInd Anthalon
Use the Banishment stone to force Anthalon out.
13 Master of the Shadow Demons Mysterious Elf Tak to Kyprosa
Garden Chapter 3. Celestia 1 To Celestia Kyprosa Travel to Shimmering Glade
2 Celestia in Trouble Jhelu Talk to Marin
3 Nebe's Echo Marin Listen to Nebe's Echo
Listen to the melody of Nebe's Echo
Cross the bridge playing Nebe's Echo
4 Where is Gladie? Rola Ask Fliss where to find Gladie
Ask Simona where to find Gladie
Ask Visena where to find Gladie
5 Cold hands Gladie Rub your Hands on an Ice Pillar
Pick frost flowers
6 Seed delivery Gladie Gather Frost Flower Seeds
7 Back Across Rola Listen to the melody of Nebe's Echo
Cross the bridge playing Nebe's Echo
8 Celestia Gardener Marin Delvier Frost Flower Seed
9 Aerial Seeding Frena Drop the Frost Flower Seeds in three designated areas.
10 Flowers in Bloom Ephira Check if the flowers are growing in the third area
11 The Cat Man Frena Search for Snowlions
Follow the Snowlion
12 Demon Flora Tahyang Find and talk with Tahyang
13 Sowing Bodies Tahyang Collect Demon Flower Seeds
14 Infinite Snow Tahyang Collect Infinite Snow
15 Enhancing an Arrow Tahyang Craft Enhanced Arrow
16 Pit Fiend Colander Tahyang Use Enhanced Arrow to defeat Pit Fiend
17 Master of Demons Part 2 Tahyang Find Anthalon
Use Banishment Stone to force Anthalon out.
18 Returning the Frozen Flame Tahyang Go to Boreal Blades
19 Light Frozen Flame Torch Tahyang Colelct Frozen Flame Torches
20 Informing Kyprosa Tahyang Collect Frozen Flame
Garden Chapter 4. Delphinad Mirage 1 Return to Owner Kyprosa Use Ynys Monolith Door 
Find the Resting Guardian of Celestia
Hand over the Frozen Flame.
2 Blessing of the Gods Auto accept INvestigate the statue of the God of the Hunt, God of War, God of Prophecy, and God of Death
Receive the Blessing of the Gods
3 Mysterious City Kyprosa Enter the Delphinad Mirage
4 Fighting Back Hayden Move to the Commander of the Shadowhawks
5 Melisara's Orders Melisara Deliver orders to Hayden, Neops, Terry, Enshaka, Merrat and Barbon in the Delphinad Mirage.
6 Ringing the Bell Melisara Ring the Citadel Bell
7 Anthalon's Twisted Shadowhawks Melisara Fight the Twisted Shadowhawks
8 Entering the Citadel Melisara Move into the Shadowhawk Citadel
9 Sherlock Livolla Melisara Search the Basement
10 Searching for Clues Auto accept Searching for clues
11 Petrified Fairies Auto accept Use the right pigment on the fourth Petrified Fairy
12 Anthalon's Lair Auto accept Face Anthalon in his lair
13 An Attempted Escape Auto accept Chase Anthalon
14 Shadowhawk Showdown Melisara Defeat Anthalon
15 Delphinad Investigator Melisara Talk to Kyprosa
Garden Episode 5. God and power 1 Circle of Authority Kyprosa Enter the Circle of Authority
2 God of Destruction Auto accept Defeat Kyrios
3 Gene Kyprosa Talk to Kyprosa
4 Kyprosa's Final Task Kyprosa Seal the Passage to Anthalon's Lair
Seal Anthalon's Passage


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