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2021-03-25 11:00
※ The following content has been updated for Nui Server and Tahyang Server.
※ We will update this content on Gene Server in the future.

Magic Lands


Background Story

In the ancient times, Ipnya erected four sealstones in each continent to banish the Akasch from the world and created a miniaturized world in Magic Land which they will connect each sealstone to its respective continent.

When everything was ready, Ipnya chased Akasch into Magic Land, connected the sealstones and sealed them successfully.
Those great cracks found in Magic Land prove how fierce the impact of the connection was.
Long after, during the Era of Princes, a magician founded the wizard school on Magic Land. And another long after, the school as well as the seals have faded over the centuries and the faded seals seem too weak to keep the creature beneath the miniaturized world.
Area Information

Recommended Level Ancestral 28-29
Climate Distinct Climate [Temperate/Arid]
Entrance Location Western Hiram Mountains
Friendly Factions Crimson Watch, Ipnysh Warden
Hostile Factions Serpentis, Cultists

Conflict period War Period
720 Minutes 720 Minutes

● During the War period, the loot drop rate and gold drops will increase.

Base Positions

There are a total of 4 bases connected to the Crimson Watch Base. The protective buff of the Crimson Watch Bases and the Statue of Nui prevent all forces from fighting.

▲ Location of Bases in Magic Land.

Area Details

Crimson Watch Base

Ipnysh Sealstone

Southern Ruins/Northern Ruins

Central Hall

Raid Boss Monsters

● There are 4 kinds of boss monsters. They appear Tuesday/Thursday at 9pm.
● When the raid time ends, the boss monster will disappear through the Ravine of Time and Space.
● Risopoda will appear in each of the three Ipnysh Sealstone area (Auroria, Nuia, and Haranya) and Nehliya in the Central Hall
● Only the faction that defeated Risopoda can participate in the Nehliya, Queen of Annihilation raid of the same day at the Central Hall.


Nehliya, Queen of Annihilation

● Only the faction that defeated Risopoda can participate in the Nehliya Raid of the same day.

Hostile Faction

Monster Information

Name Level Ranking
Phantom Guard Ancestral 28 Elite
Phantom Soldier Ancestral 28 Elite 
Gasping Grimoire Ancestral 28 Normal 
Wingfang Codex Ancestral 28 Normal 
Shelfwatcher  Ancestral 28  Elite 
Name Cursed Wizard Ancestral 28 Elite 
Name Cursed Warrior  Ancestral 28 Elite 
Name Cursed Wizard Ancestral 28 Elite 
Name Cursed Blademage Ancestral 28 Elite 

Main Quest

You can accept the quest <To Mysthrane> from [Ardios] located in Aegis Island.
   ○ You must complete the main quest <Kyprosa's Final Task> of Garden of the Gods to proceed to <To Mysthrane>.

List of Main Quests

Main Quest Order Quest Title Quest NPC Goal
Ifnir Episode 2. Magic Lands 1 To Mysthrane Ardios

Find the path to Magic Land

Find Prian at Crimson Watch Base

2 Back to school Prian

Record the Unique Pattern

Collect the Ipnysh Texts

3 Ipnyah Sealstone Prian Use Treasure Detector at the entrance to the Knotdal Ruins
4 War Remnants Prian

Activate broken Risopoda

Collect Bloodstain

5 Searching Constructs Prian Search for Constructs
6 Lauryla of Mysthrane Lauryla Talk to Prian
7 Dormant Risopoda Prian Investigate the Risopoda
8 Reunion Lauryla Talk to Lauryla
9 Joining Forces Lauryla Talk to Lauryla

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