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2021-03-25 11:00
※ The following content has been updated for Nui Server and Tahyang Server.
※ We will update this content on Gene Server in the future.

Chronicle Quest


The Chronicle Quests consist of untold stories in each region of Elenor aside from the library expedition’s journey, which is the main quest of ArcheAge.

※ The Chronicle Quest will be unlocked on the Server Gene along with the opening of the Eastern Hiram Mountains.

Quest Info

●  Purchasing the episodes at the Chronicle Quest menu will avail the Chronicle Quest.
●  The Gilda Star and Golds are required to purchase the episodes
Quest Progress

●  Purchasing Chronicle Quests will activate it.
●  The Chronicle Quests are marked in orange on the map and minimap. A feather mark will show on the head of NPCs.

●  The Chronicle Quests can also be found in the Chronicle tap on the right side of the screen.

Chronicle Quest type

Step Chronicle Quest Title Starting Area NPC Reward
1 Calleil and the Crown Prince Eastern Hiram Mountains, Hall of Warriors Advance Party Leader Lewia Title :'Sacred Relic‘
2 Madness on the Sea Nuia Faction - Marianople Forces Headquarters
Haranyan Faction - Austera Forces Headquarters
Agent of Andrion II
Agent of Amarendra IV
Title :'Madness on the Sea”
3 Bone memory Reedwind camp Vice-Captain Armas Title :'Knows the Past'
※ After Calleil and the Crown Prince as a start, Release of the untold stories of Archeage will continue.
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