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2021-10-07 11:00
Faction Honor Battlefield

What is Faction Honor Battlefield?

 Faction Honor Battlefield is an instance where Nuian, Haranyan, and Pirates compete each other to destroy the opponent’s faction base.
 Upon entering the instance, the arena takes place in either Halcyona or Skyfin Nest.
 Join the battle as a combatant or a craftsman with professional skills to destroy the enemy faction and lead your faction to victory.

How to Participate

 Anyone can apply for admission through the instance menu at the bottom right of the game screen (shortcut: Shift + ; ) when available.
 Faction Honor Battlefield is available from 01:30 to 02:00, 14:30 to 15:15, and 20:30 to 21:15 UTC+8.
 Players awaiting a trial, participating in a trial, Prisoners or carrying a trade pack are not allowed to join the instance.
 +8,000 Equipment Points and Lv 50+ are required to join the instance.
 You can enter the instance even if you reach a daily entry limit (3 times per day).
 You will not earn any rewards when a daily limit is reached but the result will still be reflected on the ranking.
Team Composition

 Each team in Faction Honor Battlefield consists of their own factions.
Nuian: up to 100 participants
Haranyan: up to 100 participants
Pirate: up to 25 participants
 A raid will be formed with your faction as you enter the instance.
 With a low language proficiency, you won't be able to communicate with other faction players.
 Faction Honor Battlefield is cross-server content. Players of the same faction from other servers might team up with you.

Features and Win Conditions

▲ Halcyona

▲ Skyfin Nest

 Nuia and Haranya Faction have their faction bases to defend.
 The Relic to be protected, Auto-Cannon protecting the Relic, and Guardian NPCs can be found in the faction base.
 Pirates have no base and their resurrection zone is located between Haranya and Nuia’s faction bases.
 NPCs will not be respawned once killed.
 Each base has a flag pole that only the players from other factions can interact with.
   ○ A successful interaction will remove 3 allied automatic cannons.
   ○ The interaction requires 50,000 Handcraft Proficiency.
 The instance lasts for 20 minutes

 There are turrets and guardian NPCs around the relic.
   ○ The Relics take 85% less damage for the first 10 minutes.
   ○ NPC will not be respawned once killed.
   ○ Each base has a flag pole that only the players from other factions can interact.
   ○ A successful interaction will remove 3 allied automatic cannons.The interaction requires 50,000 Handcraft Proficiency.
Victory Conditions
 Destroy the enemy faction’s relic or hold the most kill points when the instance ends after 20 minutes.
 If the both Relics are not destroyed when the instance ends, the faction with the highest kill points wins.
   ○ If the counts are event, the faction with the highest progress points wins.
   ○ The match will be a draw if the kills and the progress points of the both factions are even.
Banned Items and Skills
 Use of some items including the Teleport Book are restricted.
 Mounts, battle pets, gliders, tanks, and vehicles are restricted.
Battlefield Progress

Battle Begins
 The battle begins in 10 seconds after the queuing phase.
 The oversized bubbles in each faction base are removed once the waiting phase ends.
Tracking Progress
 You can check your record, the status of victory conditions, and brief scores of each faction during the battle.
 Death will not trigger the exp/ durability penalties.
 Your character will be resurrected in each faction's respawn area in 15 seconds from death.
 The effect of Goddess Nui's does not apply.
●  Use of the Escape skill brings you back to your faction base.


Supplies spawn along with alerts at certain times.
 Supply items will be supplied in the following order: Heartening Flare, Fire Bomb, and Flare will spawn by order. Flare will not alert on the small map when spawning.
 Heartening Flare and Fire Bombs can be acquired 4 times each, and disappear in 2 minutes after spawning.
 Only 1 Flare will spawn per instance.
Heartening Flare
A bullet that strengthens allies around you.
●  Your allies’ armor and magic resistance increase by 30% for 2 minutes.
 The acquired Heartening Flare disappears upon death.
Fire Bomb
A bullet that deals great damage to enemies.
 Deals 50% of current health to hostile targets within a range.
 It has no effect on relics and targets around them.
 The acquired Fire Bomb disappears upon death.
Requests bombardment that deals great damage to enemy relics and automatic cannons.
 A None-Pirates Player with the Flare located in a certain area will activate a bombardment buff.
 A player can fire the Flare in the area and his or her location will be exposed.
 The Fire requires 20 seconds of preparation time.
 The flare can be put down or re-acquired, and can be re-acquired from fallen players.
Battle Rewards

When the battle ends, bonus points will be awarded according to the performance.
Battlefield Results Item Image Name Quantity Remark
First Place Honorable Victory Rank 5 2  
Improved Infusion Supply Kit 20  
Proven Warrior Token 1 Expires in 60 minutes after it is sent out 
Second Place Honorable Victory Rank 4 1  
Improved Infusion Supply Kit 16  
Proven Warrior Token 1 Expires in 60 minutes after it is sent out 
Third Place / Draw Honorable Victory Rank 9 2  
Improved Infusion Supply Kit 12  
Faction Warrior's Medal 1 Expires in 60 minutes after it is sent out 

Related Achievement

 Join the Faction Honor Battlefield and complete Victory/Lose/Kill/Death/Assistance achievements.
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