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[Item] Full Kit: Forest Mushroom HouseItem

2021-03-25 11:00
Full Kit: Forest Mushroom House


▲ Field

▲ Mushroom House Water Barrel

▲ Memory Hearth

※ Furniture are not included in Full Kit.


Place the completely built ‘Mushroom House’ in housing province.

• You can pay the taxes without the ArcheLife benefits.
• Classification: Medium House
• Dimensions: 24m x 24m
• Décor Limit: 200 items

This design builds a completed building only for the first time; it requires the necessary building materials when used again after the original building is demolished.
The materials are listed in the new design created upon demolition of the original building.
Features upon completion

• Memory Hearth: Can be saved as a destination in a Teleport Book. Also generates Memory Embers, allowing the owner to return for free.
• 1 Field: Each Field can grow 50 seeds of the same kind.

Caution: this product can be purchased once per account, and it cannot be traded after completely built.

Features upon completion

You can use remodel feature to upgrade it to Raised Mushroom House.

 Remodel Materials: 40 Building Management Title, 5 Enchanted Blueprint. 5 Wooden Beam Bundle, 5 Construction Tool Bundle and 5 Construction Brick Bundle. 
How to Obtain

• Can be purchased from Cash Shop.
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