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[Item] Chadwick the BoldItem

2021-04-29 11:00
Chadwick the Bold 

Appearance Chadwick the Bold 

Chadwick the Bold
Chadwick the Bold selflessly defended a bumper crop of Solzreed strawberries from a hostile insect swarm. He was recognized by Morein, curator of the Bluesalt Brotherhood, and received the Crown Sunflower to display his galantry. Arch nemesis of Queen Bzztzzz.

• Battle Pet
• BInds when unwrapped
• Level Acquisition 50

Chadwick the Bold has the following skills.
No Icon Skill Name Description
1 Pep Up Increases Chadwick’s PvE Skill Damage +100% for 10 seconds.
[Right-click to activate auto-use]
2 How Cute Inflicts Fear on the target for 2 seconds.
[Right-click to activate auto-use]
3 Spin Throws a sunflower seed that deals 1621 Ranged Damage and trips the target for 2 sec.
[Right-click to activate auto-use]
4 Highway to Health Restores 4000 of pet’s health.
[Right-click to activate auto-use]

Oath of Shackles

Chadwick the Bold took the Oath of Shackles to protect itself from annihilation by becoming a pet.
This pet offers the following boosts:
• Max Health +10%
• Skill Damage +10%


Level 50 wiht Oath of Shackels Applied
Stat Value Stat Value
Health 17,703 Mana 9,738
Melee Attack 492.71 Magic Attack 492.71
Ranged Attack 492.71 Healing Power 128.6
Strength 206 Spirit 206
Intelligence 206 Stamina 206
Agility 206 Move Speed 4.5
Physical Defense 4,738 Magic Defense 4,738
Health Regen 35.2 Mana Regen 29.2

• Summons a pet.

How to obtain
• Can be acquired by completing the Premium ArchePass of Chadwick the Bold. 
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