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[Item] Cyclone ParasolItem

2021-04-29 11:00
Cyclone Parasol



An enchanted umbrella that allows the user to float through the air. Once a popular item among the students of the Ayanad Library, the method of their production has only recently been rediscovered.

※ Caution: appearance change is unavailable.


Air Speed : Very high
Cruising Ability : High
Sheering : Very High
Ascension : Very High
Skill Special : Umbrella Slam (Range6~40 m)
• Special Note :
  o Press S or the down arrow to stay airborne longer.
  o Increases Move Speed +50% for 5 seconds after Ascending.
Icon Skill Name Description
Fold Wings Fold up your glider.
Doing this while still in the air might prove… problematic.
Whirlwind Leap Instantly propel the glider forward
Umbrella Slam  Charges forward to Umbrella Slam an 8m area, knocking back all affected enemies 12m.
Deals 878 Magic Damage per second to enemies in the area of effect.
Use Burning Tail Feather Increases speed +30% for 30s.
Can only be used while gliding.

• Equip a glider to glide from place to place.
• You can only use glider skills while airborne, and will be knocked off your glider if you are struck by an effect that prevents movement.
• Gliding disables Parry, Evasion, and Shields; increases Received Damage +50%.

How to Obtain
• Can be purchased from Cash Shop with XL Cash.
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