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[Sytem] Morpheus the DeathtriggerSystem

2021-05-20 11:00
Morpheus the Deathtrigger


Dahuta was so enraged about Morpheus and Rangora growing their love in her sea.
Seeing Morepheus and Rangora together made Dahuta, who failed in her love with Aranzeb, jealous. Aranzeb only saw her as his goddaughter and nothing more and the incomplete love twisted her inside over time.
In the end, Dahuta sent Kraken to attack Morpheus and Rangora in the sea and completely destroyed Morpheus's ship. Morpheus and his few crew barely reached Growlgate Isle but Rangora drowned in the sea. Her death broke Morpheus’s soul and he lived in pain until he heard a whispering voice from nowhere.
It was Dahuta. She whispered to Morpheus she will bring Rangora back to life if he offers the blood of one thousand men. Morpheus defeated the pirates in Growlgate and told everyone he would accept the challenge.
Morpheus was using an automatic cannon which he picked up from Dwarves' cargo ships. One day, he found a dwarf who crafted the automatic cannon and threatened the dwarf to create an automatic hand cannon. The new cannon made Morpheus’ name notorious over time.
The Dahuta’s whispers devoured Morpheus and made him a bloody thirsty slaughter in the end. Even Rangora’s return couldn’t save him.

Characteristic and Location

Level: Ancestral 30
- Class: Mythic
- Tipe: Humanoid
- HP: 16,836,453
- Location: Sea - Stormraw Sound - Growlgate Isle
- Respawn Time: 12 hours
   > If no one defeats it within 1 hour, it will disappear and reappears in 12 hours.
Before Awakening

Icon Skill Name Effect
Morpheus's Cannon Summon Summons an automatic cannon with a range of 10-28m.
Has excellent firepower and range, but is slow to reload. Can't be used on enemies in melee range.
Morpheus's Mark Deals ranged damage to enemies and leaves a mark for a period of time.
Marked targets deal 20% less damage when attacking Morpheus within 8m.
Morpheus's Missile Rain Spreads an arrow over a wide target area for a long distance, dealing long-range damage to enemies.
Fury Explosion Instantly explodes firepower, inflicting powerful magic damage to enemies in a 3m radius and stagger them for 3 seconds.
Flurry Rank 1 Attacks continuously to deal damage.
Pirate's Toxic Shot Shoots poisoned arrows at enemies, dealing range damage and continuous damage from poison for 10 seconds.

After Awakening

> When his health reaches 80% or less, Aranzebia's Illusion appears and taunts Morpheus.


Type Image Item
Basic Loot
Lucid World Boss Infusion
Basic Loots 1 out of 2 Design: Growling Yawl
Design Fragment: Growling Yawl
Rare drops
Enoan Shipwright's Design Bag
Fierce Vow's Blood
Glorious Evenglow Lunagem: Nightmares
Locked Gold Crate
Enoan Shipwright's Design Bag
 Scroll: Fire Ironclad
 Searing Oath
 Morpheus's Treasure Chest Key
 Eznan Shipwright's Design Bag
 Caernord Shipwright's Design Bag
 Prince's Coinpurse
 Prince's Crate
 Arcanebound Rock
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