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[System] Magic Land Faction CompetitionSystem

2021-05-20 11:00
※ The following content has been updated for Nui, Tahyang, and Gene Server.
※ We will update this content on Morpheus Server in the future.

Magic Land - Faction Competition

Magic Land Point Competition

Risopoda Chase and Nehliya Raid Boss will be changed to faction competition.

When the state of the Magic Land becomes War Period from Conflict, the faction competition begins.
 War Period lasts for 11 hours or until any faction reaches a required score and wins the competition.
 Only the winning faction’s score will be reset to zero and the other factions' score will be carried over to the following faction competition.
   ○ The losing factions will have an edge in the following competition.
 If no faction reaches the winning score, the scores will be carried over to the following faction competition which begins in the next War Period after the 10 minute peace period & 50 minutes conflict period.

Result of Magic Land Faction Competition

 The first faction who reaches the required score wins the competition.
 Upon victory, the status of Magic Land will be changed to Peace Period and Risopoda will appear in Central Hall.
 You can summon and begin the raid of Nehliya, Queen of Annihilation by activating the Risopoda Control Device.
 The Abyssal Paralysis will push away the losing factions, inflict damages over time and slow them down for 10 minutes if they enter the Central Hall.
 The Abyssal Paralysis will not take effect on the winning faction. 

Nehliya, Queen of Annihilation
 If Nehliya is not defeated within 1 hour after the faction competition, Nehliya will disappear and a new faction competition will begin.
 The winning faction’s competition points will still be reset even if Nehilya is not defeated.
 Nehliya, Queen of Annihilation raid itself has no changes.

Earn Competitive Points in the Magic Land

Daily Quest

In War Period in Magic Land, you can accept the [Mysthrane Faction Activity] daily quest from Mellia at Crimson Watch Base.

Quest Goal

 Points can be acquired by killing monsters in the Magic Land according to their grade or delivering Haradium Shards, which appear over the Magic Land areas, to Supply Depot.

Quest Reward
 20 Faction Competition points (only during the faction competition)
 Mysthrane Warrior Token
 Epic Machine Anchoring Shard x5
 Legendary Machine Anchoring Shard x2

Risopoda Chase
 Defeating Risopoda in Risopoda Chase during the faction competition will grant a large amount of points.
 Risopoda can be summoned in Ipnysh Sealstone by the Hero of the faction every 36 hours.
 Risopoda can be summoned regardless of the faction competition, but the faction competition points will not be given if the faction competition is not in progress.
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