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[Item] Lotus MagithopterItem

2021-06-10 11:00


Darus finds this big leafy-leaf in Ahnimar.
Humanses calls it Lotus and do the hoppings on it, but we Darus know is not only good for hoppings! Sometime frogses is still on leafy-leaf, when we takes it, but is ok, yes?


Air Speed : Very High
Cruising Ability : High
Sheering : Very High
Ascension : Very High
• Special Note :
  o Press S or the down arrow to stay airborne longer.
  o Increases Move Speed +50% for 5 seconds when Ascended

Special Skill (Active Skill)
Icon Skill Name Description
Lotus Leap Instantly propels glider forward. 
(30s Cooldown)
Lotus Yard Charges to a target location and creates a Lotus Yard to immobilize all enemies within a 4m radius for 3 seconds.
Snare duration is decreased by 50% upon PvP.
Snare duration is decreased by 50% upon PvP.
Use Burning Tail Feather Increases speed for +30%.
Can only be used while gliding.

How to Obtain

• Can be purchased from Cash Shop with XL Cash.
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