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[Item] ReefStalker WyrmItem

2021-06-17 11:00


To show respect and appreciation for the gifts of the sea, it is tradition for respectable fishermen to share their daily catch, by releasing a fish back into the ocean, so the guardians of the sea may feed on it.
Reefstalker Wyrms have learned to take full advantage of this ritual and in the procress became accustomed to humans.
Amphibious Mount
Grade: Lv.4 Arcane
Level on Acquisition: 50
Can only be equipped with Reefstalker Armor.
• Binds when unwrapped.

Reefstalker Wyrm has the following skills 
Level Skill Icon  Skill Name Description
10 Run! Increases mount’s Move Speed +50% for 10 sec.
Increases Glide Speed +30%
Can’t use while carrying a trade pack.
20 Pega-Glide Glide through the skies with your mount for 5m.
Cant use while carrying a trade pack.
30 Gnaw Sharpens caster’s bite, dealing Physical Damage and an additional damage over 14 sec.
40 Wave Leap Triggers a 25m leap forward and grants invincibility while gliding.  
Cant be used while carrying a trade pack.
50 Wyrm’s Might On the ground: Deals Magic Damage in a 5m radius, inflicting Trip on tragets.

While airborne: Deals powerful Magic Damage in a 8m radius, inflicting Knockback and Trip on targets for 2 sec. 

While airborne and at least 60m in the air: Instantly dives downwards.

Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.


Level 50, without equipment
Stat Value Stat Value
Health 24,141 Mana 9,738
Melee Attack 492.71 Magic Attack 492.71
Ranged Attack 492.71 Healing Power 128.6
Strength 206 Spirit 206
Intelligence 206 Stamina 206
Agility 206 Move Speed 11.5/ 5.5 (di perairan)
Physical Defense 4,738 Magic Defense 4,738
Health Regen 35 Mana Regen 29


Summons a mount.

Armor Spesial

Icon Item Note
Reefstalker Helmet The equipped armor does not appear on the mount. 
Reefstalker Saddle
Reefstalker Legguards

How to Acquire

• Can be purchased from Cash Shop.
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