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[Item] Pygmy FiendItem

2021-06-17 11:00


It is said that imps like this one are able to commune with the demons of the beyond. Regardless of whether or not this is true, Pygmy Fiends have been used for centuries as travel companions by the most daring of adventures.

• Battle Pet
• Binds when unwrapped.
Level when acquired: 50


Pygmy Fiend has the following skills
Level Skill Icon Skill Name Description
20 Fiendish Fright Inflicts Fear on the target for 2 seconds. (Range: 0~8m)
[Right-click to activate ‘auto use’]
30 Devour Dream Deals Magic Damage to the target and restores Health in the same amount to itself. (Range: 0~25m)
[Right-click to activate ‘auto use’]
40 Call of the Beyond Decreases Melee, Ranged, and Magic Skill Accuracy -50% for 3 seconds. (Range: 0~20m)
[Right-click to activate ‘auto use’]
50 Health Regen Restores pet’s health.
[Right-click to activate ‘auto use’]


Level 50
Stat Value Stat Value
Health 10,738 Mana 9,738
Melee Attack 327.91 Magic Attack 327.91
Ranged Attack 327.91 Healing Power 128.6
Strength 206 Spirit 206
Intelligence 206 Stamina 206
Agility 206 Move Speed 4.5
Physical Defense 3,708 Magic Defense 3,708
Health Regen 35.2 Mana Regen 29.2


Summons battle pet

How to Acquire

• Can be Acquired from Cash Shop.
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