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2021-07-08 11:00
Ipnya Ridge - Akasch Invasion

A competition between players and Akasch monsters commences as Akasch Invasion has been added to Ipnya Ridge.

Akasch Invasion

 Akasch Invasion commences every Monday, Friday, and Saturday at 21:30 UTC+8 when Ipnya Ridge is in Peace Period.
 The Peace status lasts until 22:10 UTC+8. All factions cannot attack each other and can communicate with each other during the period.
●  All players of each faction on Ipnya Ridge are unified during the Akasch Invasion.
 When Akasch Invasion begins, a Worldgate to Ipnya Ridge will appear in Marianople, Austera, and Growlgate Isle.

 Whichever between the two hits the required score first wins the competition.
 All scores reset when the Akasch Invasion ends.

Stages of the Akasch Invasion

 Changes begin to occur in Ipnya Ridge 1 minute after the Invasion commences.
 Akasch Invasion ends when the time for each stage has passed, regardless of the 40 minutes Peace Period.
 Akasch Invasion limits the number of players in the Ipnya Ridge region.
   ○ Nuia Faction: 150
   ○ Haranya faction: 150
   ○ Pirate Faction: 50

Tools of the Akasch
 Ominous omens are seen on Ipnya Ridge and players begin to move to the ridge.
 Players moved to the ridge shall form a raid and prepare for a battle
 Ipnya Ridge goes to the next phase 5 minutes after the Invasion commences.

Dimensional Rift
 A dimensional rift appears on Ipnya Ridge and unusual things start to happen throughout the ridge.
 You have 15 minutes to investigate and resolve the issues around Ipnya Ridge.

Akasch Invasion
 The Dimensional boundary collapses. The two realms begin to merge into one and the Akasch monsters start to be revealed. 
 As the dimensional boundary collapses due to Voidbreaker, Akasch monsters are revealed and the invasion begins.
 Players in raid shall defeat the Akasch monsters on Ipnya Ridge for 20 minutes.

How to Earn Points

Akasch Invasion
 All scores reset when the Akasch Invasion ends.

Victory Conditions
 Earn 15,000 Points to win the competition.

How players earn points
 Completing the Akasch Invasion quest grants players +3 Points
 Defeating an Akasch monster grants players +180 points.

How Akasch earns points
 Defeating a player grants Akasch +10 points.
 Occupying an area by Akasch grants them +8 points for every 5 seconds for the first 1 minute and;
   ○ +10 points for every 5 seconds after 1 minute passed.
   ○ +12 points for every 5 seconds after 2 minute passed.
   ○ +14 points for every 5 seconds after 3 minute passed.
   ○ +16 points for every 5 seconds after 4 minute passed.

Players Raid
 Earn points by completing the quest and defeating the Akasch monsters.

Akasch Faction
 Earn points by occupying areas and defeating players.

After Akasch Invasion ends

 Earn 15,000 points first to win the competition.
 Winning the competition spawns Akasch Token Merchant in the Cragtear Scars camp and grants players a buff effect until the next Akasch Invasion.
 Losing the competition grants players a debuff effect until the next Akasch Invasion.
 In addition, some World Bosses will gain Akasch energy and become stronger.
   ○ World Bosses: Kraken, Charybdis, Leviathan, Black Dragon, and Nehliya Queen of Annihilation.
 If neither players or Akasch earn 15,000 points during the invasion, the competition ends in a draw and no effects will take place.
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