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[System] Change Race AppearanceSystem

2021-07-08 11:00

※ The following content has been updated for Nui Server and Tahyang Server.
We will update this content on Gene and Morpheus Server in the future.


This feature allows you to change the character’s race-specific appearance for 30 days while the character's original race and faction information remains as it is by using Race Change Elixir: 30 Days
  • Race-specific special skills (Juggernaut, Ravager) and race skills remain as it is.
Change Race Appearance

Character customization data will be stored per race. If you change the Race Appearance into a certain race for the first time, the appearance of the character will be of the basic appearance of the race. You may customize the appearance using complimentary 1-Day Salon Certificate.
Race Change Elixir

  • Using Race Change Elixir brings up the Change Race Appearance window, where a desired race can be selected
  • To cancel the Change Race Appearance effect, Click the two-arrows button on the right side of the Change Race Appearance status in the character information window.
  • Canceling the Change Race Appearance effect will forfeit the remaining duration of the effect. Please re-login or move to another map to see the appearance changes..

  • Complete the quest ‘Suspicious Elixir' from Faction Representative.
  • Complete Race Quest Chapter 7.5 <A Secret in Sun's End>
  • Cannot be used under the effect of another Change Race Appearance.
Available Races (Can be chosen regardless of your faction)
  • Nuia Continent: Nuian, Elf, Dwarf
  • Haranya Continent: Haranyan, Firran, Warborn
What you can do under the effect of Change Race Appearance:
  • Cancel the Change Race Appearance effect
  • Customize the appearance.
  • Use the Juggernaut or Ravager transformation skills(Applicable only if your original race is Dwarf or Warborn)
What you cannot do under the effect of Change Race Appearance:
  • Change gender
  • Change Race Appearance.
  • Shows Race-specific image item

Change Race Appearance Status

  • You can check the transformed character’s remaining duration in the 'Character Selection Window' and 'Character Information Window' for a character.
  • [Change Race Appearance Status] will appear by mouse over the transformed character’s health window.


※ When using Race Change Elixir, complimentary 1-Day Salon Certificate will be sent to you via mail.
※ Dwarves/Warborns can still transform into Juggernaut and Ravager under the effect of Race Change Appearance.
※ If the Change Race Appearance effect expires or is canceled, the character’s appearance will revert to the one of its original races after re-login or moving to another map.
※ You cannot change gender under the Change Race Appearance effect
※ Canceling the Change Race Appearance effect will forfeit the remaining duration of the effect.
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