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[System] Change Race AppearanceSystem

2021-07-08 11:00


This feature allows you to change the character’s race-specific appearance for 30 days while the character's original race and faction information remains as it is by using Race Change Elixir: 30 Days
  • Race-specific special skills (Juggernaut, Ravager) and race skills remain as it is.
Change Race Appearance

Character customization data will be stored per race. If you change the Race Appearance into a certain race for the first time, the appearance of the character will be of the basic appearance of the race. You may customize the appearance using complimentary 1-Day Salon Certificate.
Race Change Elixir

  • Using Race Change Elixir brings up the Change Race Appearance window, where a desired race can be selected
  • To cancel the Change Race Appearance effect, Click the two-arrows button on the right side of the Change Race Appearance status in the character information window.
  • Canceling the Change Race Appearance effect will forfeit the remaining duration of the effect. Please re-login or move to another map to see the appearance changes..

  • Complete the quest ‘Suspicious Elixir' from Faction Representative.
  • Complete Race Quest Chapter 7.5 <A Secret in Sun's End>
  • Cannot be used under the effect of another Change Race Appearance.
Available Races (Can be chosen regardless of your faction)
  • Nuia Continent: Nuian, Elf, Dwarf
  • Haranya Continent: Haranyan, Firran, Warborn
What you can do under the effect of Change Race Appearance:
  • Cancel the Change Race Appearance effect
  • Customize the appearance.
  • Use the Juggernaut or Ravager transformation skills(Applicable only if your original race is Dwarf or Warborn)
What you cannot do under the effect of Change Race Appearance:
  • Change gender
  • Change Race Appearance.
  • Shows Race-specific image item

Change Race Appearance Status

  • You can check the transformed character’s remaining duration in the 'Character Selection Window' and 'Character Information Window' for a character.
  • [Change Race Appearance Status] will appear by mouse over the transformed character’s health window.


※ When using Race Change Elixir, complimentary 1-Day Salon Certificate will be sent to you via mail.
※ Dwarves/Warborns can still transform into Juggernaut and Ravager under the effect of Race Change Appearance.
※ If the Change Race Appearance effect expires or is canceled, the character’s appearance will revert to the one of its original races after re-login or moving to another map.
※ You cannot change gender under the Change Race Appearance effect
※ Canceling the Change Race Appearance effect will forfeit the remaining duration of the effect.
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