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[System] Cash Shop RearrangementSystem

2021-07-08 11:00

Cash Shop is an in-game shop that can be used from anywhere.
You can purchase various and limited items from Cash Shop.
Find and purchase items conveniently from the newly reorganized Cash Shop. 
Cash Shop Usage

You can open the Cash Shop from anywhere by clicking the Cash Shop icon on the lower right corner or shortcut(N) while playing the game.

  Menu Description
Buy Purchase Items.
Add to Cart Add up to 10 items into the cart and purchase them at once.
Gift Choose the item and Give it to your friend. (Except own character)

Main Features

 No. Name Description
1 Main Category It is the Main Category
2 Sub-Category You can check the items by changing the sub-categories under the main categories.
3 Search You can enter the item name and search.
4 Sort You can sort items by price or certain conditions.
5 Discount Rate You can check the discount rate for the discounted items.
6 Cart You can check the items on the Cart and purchase them or present them at once.
7 Preview You can check the appearance of various items, not just costumes but also housing, furniture, vehicle, mount etc.
8 Beauty Salon

You can change the face, head, and body shape of your character. 
It requires a Salon Certificate

9  Gender Swap You can change the gender of your character.
It requires a Gender Swap Certificate
10 Load XL Cash Opens the XL Cash Load Page
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