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[Item] Race Change ElixirItem

2021-07-08 11:00


It is an Elixir that changes into the other race’s appearance.
Race and faction remain the same, and only the appearance is changed into the other race’s appearance for 30 days. (1 time)
Bound 1-Day Salon Certificate is provided via mailbox once appearance is changed.

• Condition of Use
  o Complete the Suspicious Elixir quest from Faction Representative.
  o Complete the 5th Race quest of Chapter 7, <A Secret in Sun’s End>
  o Not on the Race Change status.
  o Available Race(pick 1 regardless of faction)
  o Nuia Alliance: Nuian, Elf, and Dwarf
  o Haranya Alliance: Harani, Firran, and Warborn
• Available Action
  o Cancels the Race Change
  o Use the Beauty Salon on changed appearance
  o Using Transform Skill (Only if created character is Dwarf or Warborn)
• Unavailable Action
  o Change Gender
  o Attempting to change into another race again
  o Displaying appearance of exclusive race item


※ You can receive Bound 1-Day Salon Certificate from the mailbox once you have used Race Change Exlixir. 
※ Even if Dwarf and Warbon have changed into other races, they can use the transform skill.
※ When race change is canceled or expired, re-connecting or moving into another cross-server will change your character’s appearance into its original appearance.
※ You cannot change gender during the race change.
※ When race change is canceled before the end of the period, the remaining period will be gone.

How to Acquire

• Can be purchased from Cash Shop.
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