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[Item] DreamwinderItem

2021-07-15 11:00

A mysterious creature found in the Black Desert of South Ishvara.
The Tara with beautiful blue-colored scales was a milestone like the North Star, a guide connecting the passage leading to Sky Island, somewhere in the Black Desert, where the descendants of the Black Sand group live.

Can be equipped with Armor


Dreamwinder has the following skills
Icon Name Skill Description
Level 20
Dream Gale
Launches a gust of wind 10m forward that deals Magic Damage.
Trips affected targets for 2 sec.
Right-click to activate auto-use.
Level 30
Dream Blast
Lets the Dreamwinder blast energy, dealing Magic Damage to enemies within 6m.
Affected enemies are pushed 10m away.
Right-click to activate auto-use.
Level 40
Mana Drain
Absorbs Mana over 15 seconds and deals Magic Damage.
Right-click to activate auto-use.
Level 50
Pet Recovery
Restores pet’s Health and Mana.
Right-click to activate auto-use.
• Basic attack deals magic damage within 30m.
• Consumes Mana first instead of Health when Dreamwinder is attacked.

How to Acquire

• Can be purchased with Loyalty Token from Cash Shop > Coin only > Loyalty Token 
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