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[Item] Hero Pass Item

2021-07-15 11:00

▲ On Land

▲ Gliding

Item Information

Cloak-shaped wings made together with the costume made imagining Black Night, the Snowlion of Tahyang. The Wings are granted enchantment enabling movement like that of Tahyang, so instant Leap backward is possible.


• You can apply the UCC by using the Crest Stamp

UCC Design and Example


• Wing stroke  : Very High
• Free Flight : High
• Level Flight : Very High
• Soaring : Very High
  o Can hover in the air for a long time with low-speed flapping.
  o Move Speed Increase by 50% for 5 seconds when soaring.

Special Skill
Icon Name Skill Description
Takeoff Instantly propels glider forward
(30 secs Cooldown)
Backward Roll Instantly teleports you backward.
Can’t teleport through walls or other solid objects.
(10 secs Cooldown)
Use Burning Tail Feather Increases speed +30% for 30 sec.
Can only be used while gliding.

How to Acquire

• Can be acquired by the final premium reward of “ArchePass: Best>Shadow of the Black Night”.
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