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[Item] Ser MeatballItem

2021-07-15 11:00


His royal furriness, anointed knight of toebans, nemesis of rodents, breaker of tea cups and champion of the litterbox: Ser Meatball.

• Single Seat Mount
• Grade: Lv.4 Arcane
• Level on Acquisition 50
• Can only be equipped with Meatball Armor
• Binds on Pickup

Ser Meatball has the following skills.
Level Skill Icon Name Skill Description
20 Run! Increases Mount Move Speed +50% for 10 sec.Increases Mount Move Speed +50% for 10 sec.
Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.
30 Reckless Charge Stealths the owner and the mount and charges forward for 3 sec, breaking through enemy lines.
Inflicts Knockback and Trip on affected enemies.
This skill counts as a Push Effect.
Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.
40 Shred Charges into a target in the distance, dealing Physical Damage and an additional damage over 14 sec.
Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.
50 Adore Me Ser Meatball demands people within a 5m radius to Slow for 4 sec and adore his cuteness.
Cannot move while using Adore Me.


Level 50, without Armor
Stats Valuee Stats Value
Health 16,094 Mana 9,738
Melee Attack 492.71 Magic Attack 492.71
Ranged Attack 492.71 Healing Power 128.6
Strength 206 Spirit 206
Intelligence 206 Stamina 206
Agility 206 Move Speed 11.5
Physical Defense 4,738 Magic Defense 4,738
Health Regen 35 Mana Regen 29


Memanggil mount.

Armor Spesial

• Summons a Mount
Icon Item Note
Meatball Helmet The Equipped armor does not appear on the mount.
Meatball Saddle
Meatball Legguard

How to Acquire

• Can be acquired by unwrapping Wrapped Ser Meatball which can be acquired from ArchePass Upgrade Ticket: Best.
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