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[Item] Billy the MooItem

2021-08-19 11:00


The children on Growlgate tell the story of a fearless cow named Billy the Moo, who can scare away all bad people.
He was the right-hand man of the legendary Pirate King Morpheus and was gifted with his own hand sized cannons as a reward for his loyal service. 

• Battle Pet
• Binds when unwrapped
• Damage Type: Magic Attack
Level on Acquisition 55


Billy the Moo has the following skills.
No. Icon Skill Name Description
1 Throw Milk Bottle Throws a milk bottle at a selected target, dealing Magic Damage.
[Right-click to activate auto-use.]
2 You're a Milksop! Taunts all hostile monsters and pets within 5m to target the pet for 4 sec.
[Right-click to activate auto-use.]
3 Ready to Draw Increases all Attack, Physical Defense, and Magic Defense +100% for 10 sec. 
[Right-click to activate auto-use.]
4 Health Regen Restores the pet's health
[Right-click to activate auto-use.]


Stats Value Stats Value
Health 24,390 Mana 8,558
Melee Attack 542.52 Magic Attack 542.52
Ranged Attack 542.52 Healing Power 140.6
Strength 226 Spirit 226
Intelligence 226 Stamina 226
Agility 226 Move Speed 4.5
Physical Defense 5,198 Magic Defense 5,198
Health Regen 38 Mana Regen 31


Summons a pet.
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