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[Item] Image Item: Black Sands CostumeItem

2021-09-02 11:00

Grieving over her murdered son and seeking revenge, the Queen of Epherium tasked a secret organization called the Black Sands with the assassination of her stepson, Gene. Though he was innocent of the crime, the Queen wore to do unto him, as Gene’s mother had done unto her son. To this day, the Black Sands continue to chase after Gene, better known as Kyrios, to complete their task and bring the Queen justice at last.

This costume has unique visual effects for the Dash and Teleportation skills.
• Image Item
• Binds on Pickup
• Grade: Lv2. Grand
• Alternate appearance is available 
※ This item cannot be upgraded by synthesis.

How to Obtain

• Can be purchased from Cash Shop.


Harani - Female Original Appearance Front/Back
Elf - Male Original Appearance Front/Back
Elf - Female Alternate Appearance

Visual Effect Difference


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