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[System] Auroria Resource PurificationSystem

2021-10-07 11:00

 The faction occupied the territory benefits from the Auroria Resource Purification
 Activate the ‘Resource Flag’ with the Prosperous Pack from the Territory Farm to spawn hidden resources or purify 'Polluted Water’.

Resource Flag

 Each territory has the Resource Flag. Activating the Resource Flag can spawn hidden resources or purify ‘Polluted Water'.
 The location of the Resource Flag varies for each territory.
●  In order to activate the Resource Flag, you need a Prosperous Pack obtained from the Territory Farm.
   ○ Prosperous Pack disappears upon death or when put down.
   ○ Prosperous Pack expires in 60 minutes after acquisition.

Solidified Mineral Vein, The Hidden Resources

Activating the Resource Flag changes the Solidified Mineral Vein into 'Auroria Vein'.
The activated Resource Flag enriches the area for 2 hours.
 The Resource Flag can be used with a cooldown of 9 hours.
 Acquiring a certain amount of resources that exceed the limit ends the activation and the cooldown will begin even if the 2 hours remain.
※ Deactivated when the Siege Preparation period begins and can be activated again after the siege ends.

Auroria Vein
Each vein can be mined up to 10 times..
 A vein that reached the max number of mining counts can be mined again after a certain period of time.
 Anyone regardless of faction can mine. Each mining costs 20 labor.
 Mining grants Unidentified Auroran Ore and one of the following items can be obtained when identified.
   ○ Can only be used near the Territory Workshop Manager.
   ○ Auto-identification can be used Automatically available.
Image Item Name Count
Iron Ore 3 ~ 5
Copper Ore 3 ~ 5
Silver Ore 3 ~ 5
Gold Ore 3 ~ 5
Archeum Ore 3 ~ 5

Abundant Auroria Vein
Auroria Vein can be turned into Abundant Auroria Vein at a low chance upon mining.
 Each mining costs 100 labor and an Ore pack will be obtained.
 The Abundant Auroria Vein lasts for 3 hours and can be mined up to 5 times.
 Exposing 5 Abundant Auroria Veins will end the activation of the Resource Flag.
 Abundant Auroria Vein can produce one of the following: 
Iron/Copper/Silver/Gold/Archeum Ore Pack.
※ The 'Auroria Explosive Veins' remains even if the Resource Flag is deactivated 

Image Item Name Count
Auroria Iron Ore Pack 1
Auroria Copper Ore Pack 1
Auroria Silver Ore Pack 1
Auroria Gold Ore Pack 1
Auroria Archeum Ore Pack 1

Auroria Ore Packs
Salvaging Auroria Ore Packs generate a load of Ore
 Ore packs can be salvaged near the 'Workshop Manager' in territory.
 Only half of the Ores will be obtained if you put down the Ore Pack and salvage it yourself with 25 labor.
Image Item Name Ore obtained when disassembled near the Workshop Manager Ore obtained when directly disassembled
Auroria Iron Ore Pack 130 ~ 150 65 ~ 75
Auroria Copper Ore Pack 60 ~ 80 30 ~ 40
Auroria Silver Ore Pack 60 ~ 80 30 ~ 40
Auroria Gold Ore Pack 60 ~ 80 30 ~ 40
Auroria Archeum Ore Pack 60 ~ 80 30 ~ 40

Polluted Water Purification

The purifier and the purifier repair workman will spawn upon the flag activation.
A total of 25 Purifiers spawn per territory and expire in 1 hour.
 Activating the Polluted Water purification will end the activation of the Resource Flag and will be put on cooldown for 7 days.
 Only Heroes of the faction that owns the Territory can activate it.

Activate Polluted Water purifier

 Activating the Purifier requires 150 Labor and grants 50 Contributions with a Buff ‘Contaminated Body'.
 The ‘Contaminated Body' lasts 1hour and prevents you from activating another Purifier.
   ○ Only players Lvl 50 or higher can activate it.

Polluted Water Purification

 The activated purifier will purify the polluted water.
 Purification works for up to 1 hour and 600 golds will be added to the territory income once fully purified.
 Once every 10 minutes, the purifier receives a 'Polluted Water purification' buff worth 100 golds per stack.
 The Territory Income will not increase if the purifier is destroyed before the purification is completed.

Purifying Faction- Restore Purifiers

 Players’ health recovery skills do not take effect on the purifiers.
 Polluted Water Purifier Repair Tool can be obtained from Polluted Water Purifier Repair Workman only once per hour.
 The repair tool can recover the Purifier’s health up to 600,000 health.
 More than one player can repair the purifier simultaneously but destroyed purifiers cannot be restored.

Destroying Faction - Destroy Purifiers

 Hostile faction can destroy the Purifier by attacking it, and when destroyed, it drops a Trading Pack according to the 'Polluted Water purification' buff stack.
 The obtained packs can be sold to the Relic Merchant or submitted to the Territory Crafting Workbench.
 The pack disappears in 30 minutes and only the hostile faction can pick up the pack.

 The faction that activates the Purifier cannot pick up the packs on the ground but can destroy it to prevent the hostile faction from taking it.

Purified Water Delivery

 You can obtain gold by selling the obtained pack to the Relic Merchant or by supplying it to the Territory Crafting Workbench.
 Supplying the Territory Crafting Workbench will increase Territory Income and grant you gold.
 Selling the pack to the Relic Merchant will not increase Territory Income but will grant you more gold.

Compensation for Purifier Survival Time
survival time Purifying Faction Hostile Faction Pack Name
Territory Income Pack Drop Gold Coins Quests Territory Income Gold Coins obtained from selling to Relic Merchant
0~9 minutes 0 x 0 0 0
10~19 minutes 0 o 15 85 30 Haranya’s purified Calmlands water (very small)
20~29 minutes 0 o 30 170 60 Haranya’s purified Calmlands water (small)
30~39 minutes 0 o 45 255 90 Haranya’s purified Calmlands water (medium)
40~49 minutes 0 o 60 340 120 Haranya’s purified Calmlands water (large)
50~59 minutes 0 o 75 425 150 Haranya’s purified Calmlands water (very large)
60 minutes 600 x 0 0 0
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