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[Item] Carrot WingsItem

2021-10-28 15:30

An unfortunate magical accident has gifted this Carrot Dash with a pair of stubby little wings. While the effects left the poor creature a bit… strange, its speed is without question. And the limited bursts of flight can prove quite useful to a skilled rider.
  • Mount
  • Grade: Heroic
  • Health: 14,157 (without armor / Lv 55)
  • Basic Move Speed: 9.0 m/s
  • One Seater

Level Icon Skill Description
20 Dreaming Donkey Increases donkey's Move Speed by +30% for 1m.
Can only be used while wearing a trade pack and consumes 1 Carrot.
Combat cancels the effect.
20 La Mancha's Call Raise your spear high and charge forward for 7sec.
You cannot turn left or right once the charge begins.
Can't be used while carrying a trade pack
20 Powerful Wingbeats Encourage Carrot Wings to fly.

How to Obtain
  • Can be purchased from Cash Shop with Divine Key.
  • Can be purcahsed with Vocation Badges
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