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[Item] Image Item: Wartime Nobility CostumeItem

2021-12-02 11:00

Originating in the court of Empress Pavitra during her long campaign to unite Haranya, the Wartime Nobility aesthetic featured luxurious materials and styling accented by symbolic pieces of ornate armor. The fashion became wildly popular throughout the kingdom, even amongst those who had never seen a battle in their lives--but it is safe to assume that for the empress and her generals, at least, the costumes were far from merely decorative.
  • Image Item
  • It can be changed into appearance of this item if you synthesis with another costume.
  • Binds on Pickup
  • Grade : Lv2 Grand
  • Dyeable
※ This item cannot be upgraded by synthesis. 

How to Obtain

Can be purchased from Cash Shop.


Nuian - Male/Female
Elf - Male/Female
Dwarf - Male/Female
Harani - Male/Female
Firran - Male/Female
Warborn - Male/Female

Dyeing - Before/After

Dyeing - Before/After
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