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[Item] Pond SplashItem

2022-01-06 12:00

A pond with fish that brings you inner peace.
  • Grade: Lv.2 Grand
  • Binds when unwrapped

Placement Information

  • Can be placed in your perfectly built house.
  • Placement: Yard
  • Items are returned via mail when the building is demolished. (Decor limit is applied regardless of the type of furniture that has been returned from demolition)
Dimensions Decor Limit
16m * 16m 40
24m * 24m 80

Placement Requirements

  • Space of at least 12m radius is required to place the item.
※ Placement may be limited in yards of small houses.

Purchase Bonus

  • Sturdy Wooden Chair x2 can be obtained as a bonus upon purchase. (Binds when unwrapped)

Appearance and Obtainable Items

Number Image Item Name Quantity
Pond Splash 1
Sturdy Wooden Chair 2
1 2 ... NEXT