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[Item] Salium Royal Family Wraith WingsItem

2022-04-07 11:00


The Antiquary Society left records of the vengeful spirits on the clothes to research the vengeful spirits, and made a clothings along with a set of wings that matches the clothings.


  • Flight Speed : Very High
  • Gliding Ability : High
  • Turning Speed : Very High
  • Launch Height : Very High
  • Special Note: Press S or hold the down arrow to stay airborne longer. Increases Move Speed +50% for 5 seconds when Ascending.
  • Special Skills (Active Skills)
Icon Skill Description
Wing leap Instantly propels by focusing power on the wings.
(30sec Cooldown)
Deadly Poison Charges into a selected target, inflicting Deadly Poison that deals Magic Damage for 5sec and increases Received Damage +8% for 4sec.
The effect transfers to other targets within 5m up to 5 times.
(1m Cooldown)
Use Burning Tail Feather Increases speed +30% for 30sec.
Can only be used while gliding.
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