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[Item] Image Item: Salium Royal Family WraithItem

2022-04-07 11:00

The Antiquary Society found out that the Sallium Antique was stored in the Brotherhood Lost Fortress and tried to take it, but couldn’t approach it for the wraiths roaming around the place.
They left records of the vengeful spirits on the clothes to research the vengeful spirits, and this clothing was made at the time.
  • Image Item
  • Appearance change available by synthesizing with another costume
  • Binds on Pickup 
  • Grade: Lv.2 Grand
  • Dyeable
  • An appearance changing exclusive item
※ This is a Costume item that cannot be upgraded by synthesis.

How to Obtain

  • Can be purchased from Cash Shop.
  • Can be obtained by opening Box of Wandering Wraith.


Male Female

Dyeing Before/After
Before After

Appearance Original/Changed
Original Changed
1 2 ... NEXT