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[Item] Image Item: Royal Assassin CostumeItem

2022-08-11 11:00

The most famous assassin in all of Auroria, Melisara the Dagger, wore this armor during her campaign against the Crimson Army. To date, she is still the only person in history to strike down Kyrios. Melisara Livolla: the mortal who toppled a god.
  • Image Item
  • Binds on Pickup
  • Grade: Lv2. Grand
  • Alternate appearance is available 
※ This item cannot be upgraded by synthesis.

How to Obtain

Can be purchased from Cash Shop.


Nuian - Male / Female
Elf - Male / Female
Dwarf - Male / Female
Harani - Male / Female
Firran - Male / Female
Warborn - Male / Female

Alternate Appearance

Original / Alternate
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