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[Item] Image Item: Legendary Assassin CostumeItem

2022-08-11 11:00

Trained in combat from an early age, Melisara was once the Queen of Epherium's private assassin. It is said she favored outfits of this type during her work, relying on her deadly speed and agility to give her the edge against even heavily-armored opponents.
  • Image Item
  • Binds on Pickup
  • Grade: Lv2. Grand
  • Alternate appearance is available.
※ This item cannot be upgraded by synthesis.

How to Obtain

Can be purchased from Cash Shop.



Nuian - Male / Female
Elf - Male / Female
Dwarf - Male / Female
Harani - Male / Female
Firran - Male / Female
Warborn - Male / Female

Alternate Appearance

Original / Alternate
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