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[Item] Scroll: Arcadian Jet SkiItem

2022-11-10 10:00
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Designed as a water vehicle for summer.
Although it is not as comfortable as a ship, some people ride this jet ski while carrying their trade packs to cross the sea. 
It has a low durability as its hull was remodeled for better movement.
  • Summons a boat or dismisses it back to the otherworld.
  • Bind on Pick-Up
  • Restore using 5 handfuls of Shatigon's Sand if destroyed.
  ▷ There is a 5-minute cooldown after restoration.


Icon Skill Detail
Rev the Engine Causes the ship to explosively propel forward, increasing the ship's Move Speed.
[ Requires 1 Eco-Friendly Fuel ]
Listen to Music Turn on music in the Arcadian Jet Ski.
Control Lamp Lights your surroundings.
Owner's Mark Magically marks the device with the owner's fingerprints, 
preventing anyone else from using it until the magic fades.
Dismount Dismount from the current device. 
Summon Info Check details of a summon.
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