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[Item] Modified Assault GolemItem

2022-11-03 10:00
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A nasty machine that explodes when it reaches the central power source of the rift.
Replaced some parts with armor,
while reconstructing it from what remained near the power source.
The restored machine now protects allies.
  • Battle Pet
  • Bind on Pick-Up
  • Damage Type: Melee Damage
  • Battle Pet Level: 55


Modified Assault Golem has the following skills:
No. Icon Name Detail
1 Explosive Charge Slowly charges forward, creating a shockwave.
Creates 3 shockwaves which deal certain amount of melee damage per shockwave within a 2m radius.
Hit targets are put into the Machine Destruction Impulse state for 5 sec during which they attack the golem.

[Right-click to auto-use]
2 Golem Counterattack Activates Golem Counterattack status for 10 sec.
Deals certain amount of damage upon counterattacking, and turns into Golem's Barrier.
Decreases received damage by 10% for 10 sec while in a Golem's Barrier state. This effect can stack up to 5 times

[Right-click to auto-use]
3 Fast Charge Restores a certain amount of the pet's health.

[Right-click to auto-use]

Stat Name Amount Stat Name Amount
Health 19,441 Mana 10,698
Melee Attack 542.52 Magic Attack 542.52
Ranged Attack 542.52 Healing Power 140.6
Strength 226 Spirit 226
Intelligence 226 Stamina 226
Agility 226 Move Speed 4.5
Physical Defense 5,198 Magic Defense 5,198
Health Regen 38 Mana Regen 31
Effect when Used

Summons the Battle Pet.
How to Obtain

This Battle Pet can be obtained in an event. 
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