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[Item] Magnastia Weapon CrateItem

2022-11-03 10:00

Allows the player to choose 1 Magnastia weapon image item.
  • Crate
  • Grade: Lv.3 Rare

Effect when Used

Opens 'Magnastia Weapon Crate'.
Icon Item Name Attribute
Magnastia Dagger Tradeable
Magnastia Sword
Magnastia Greatsword
Magnastia Katana
Magnastia Nodachi
Magnastia Axe
Magnastia Greataxe
Magnastia Club
Magnastia Greatclub
Magnastia Shortspear
Magnastia Longspear
Magnastia Scepter
Magnastia Staff
Magnastia Bow
Magnastia Rifle
Magnastia Shield

Image Guide

Sword Greatsword
Katana Nodachi
Shortspear Longspear
Axe Greataxe
Scepter Staff
Club Greatclub
Dagger Shield
Bow Rifle

How to Obtain

Able to be obtained by accomplishing the achievement of 'Savior of Another Dimension' in the event 'Machine Filled Dimensional Crevice' which is held after November 3, 2022 maintenance~before November 24, 2022 maintenance. 
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