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Wrapped OrlandoItem

2023-02-16 10:00

Item Information

Red panda pet who loves bamboo trees.
It's a wild beast with a terrifying roar that makes anyone become scared despite its peaceful looks.
It learned how to protect itself from enemy's attacks due to being ignored by its small and cute appearance.
  • Battle Pet
  • Bound on pick-up
  • Basic Attack Type:Melee Damage
  • Basic Level:LV. 55

Skill Information

Wrapped Orlando can perform these kinds of skills.
  • Auto-use can be activated when right-clicked.
Level Image Skill Name Details
1 The Claw! Gives damage to enemy by attacking.
2 Chewin Bamboo Pet restores its health by a certain amount.
3 Rawr Inflicts fear on the enemy for 2 sec.
4 Crouch Counters melee, ranged damage by 80% for 10 sec.
Run for the bamboo! Speed Boost increases by 50% for 110 sec.

Ability Level

Ability Level Ability Level
Health 20,325 Mana 10,698
Melee Attack 542.52 Magic Attack 542.52
Ranged Attack 542.52 Healing Power 140.6
Strength 226 Spirit 226
Intelligence 226 Stamina 226
Agility 226 Move Speed 6.6
Physical Defense 5,198 Magic Shield 5,198
Health Regen 38 Mana Regen 31


Summons pet.

How to Receive

Can receive after purchasing 'Wrapped Orlando' in the Marketplace.
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