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[System] Farmhand (Part 2) (edited 4/6)System

2023-04-06 13:01
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Farmhands’ appearance can be edited.
●  Use Powerstone Pets to change Farmhands’ appearance.
●  The availability for the Appearance edition will be indicated on the Powerstone Pet description.
●  You cannot summon Powerstone Pet that currently used as Farmhand’s appearance.

Garden Manage

Garden/Farm can be tasked on the Garden tab of the Farmhands Info window.
●  Garden Manage features can be used only by the character who marked the Farmhand
●  Production Request requires Farm/Garden registration, Plant seeds (Sapling, Livestock), Harvesting Cost, and Farmhands Labor
●  Farmhands can manage only a single Seed, Saplings and Livestock.
     >  Marine resources, Seed Bundles, Woodlots, and Pens cannot be managed.

※ Notice
●  The Seeds, Harvesting Cost, and Farmhands Labor are consumed upon the request of the production and will not be returned even if the production is canceled.
●  Plants managed by Farmhands need more time to be matured and produce different amounts of plants compared to the one managed manually.

Garden Registration

Garden can be registered by clicking the [Show Garden] button on the Garden tab of the Farmhands Info Window and then clicking 'Register Garden'.
●  All kinds of Garden/Farm designs can be registered.
●  The portion of the Garden/Farm which Farmhands can use is according to the size of the Farm/Garden registered.
●  The total amount of plants Farmhands can manage depends on the size of the Garden/Farm and the Plant planted on it.

Registering Garden/Farm will activate the Backspace button. Garden tab info can be checked by clicking on the Backspace button.
Garden/Farm Name Farmhands Garden Size
Lunar Scarecrow Garden 40
Scarecrow Garden
Stellar Scarecrow Garden
Solar Scarecrow Garden
Improved Scarecrow Farm Design 180
Lunar Scarecrow Farm
Stellar Scarecrow Farm
Solar Scarecrow Farm
Spooky Improved Scarecrow Farm
Lunar Memory Scarecrow Farm
Stellar Memory Scarecrow Farm
Solar Memory Scarecrow Farm
Memory Scarecrow Farm
Fenced Scarecrow Farm Design
Solar Scarecrow Farm
Scarecrow Farm
Improved Lunar Pavilion Farm Kit 400
Improved Stellar Pavilion Farm Kit
Improved Solar Pavilion Farm Kit
Improved Lunar Memory Pavilion Farm Kit
Improved Stellar Memory Pavilion Farm Kit
Improved Solar Memory Pavilion Farm Kit
Lunar Memory Pavilion Farm Kit
Stellar Memory Pavilion Farm Kit
Solar Memory Pavilion Farm Kit
Memory Gazebo Farm
Lunar Pavilion Farm Kit
Stellar Pavilion Farm Kit
Solar Pavilion Farm Kit
Gazebo Farm

Aquafarm Registration

When the Farmhouse reaches level 16 and the garden function reaches level 2, you can register Aquafarm and request to manage marine plants (aquatic products).
You can register Aquarm by clicking the [Show Garden] button on the Garden tab in Farmhand Information Window and click 'Additional Registration'.
●  Aquafarm can be registered in the same way as the farm/garden is registered.
●  You can check the size of the farm while the farm is registered.
●  Marine plants occupies only farm space.

Plant Production Request

Registable Plants can be checked by clicking on the Find Plants button in the Farm/Garden tab.
●  Required space per plant varies. Some Plants and Livestocks have fixed numbers of repeatable harvest.
●  The harvested products will be sent to your mailbox when the plant is matured.
●  Farmhands will repeat the harvest as much as the number of Max repeated harvest. Each harvest will send you a product via mail.

Insufficient resources, such as Harvesting Costs or Farmhands Labor, will be shown in red for better readability.

●  The Garden and Aquafarm’s slot are separated from each other.
●  Remaining time before harvest can be checked once the request is registered.
●  The production can be canceled by clicking on the Cancel Harvesting button. Ca You can cancel it by pressing the Cancel Production button. Bear in mind that the resources consumed for the production will not be returned even if it is canceled.

Expansion Of Harvest Request Slot

The number of the Harvest Request registration slot can be increased if the Farmhand reaches a certain level.
●  Expansion requires Expansion Scrolls. The more the slots added the more the expansion Scrolls required to expand again.
     >  3 scrolls are required at level 10 while 5 scrolls at level 20.

Farmhand Trade

The registration of the Farm Vehicles Summoning Scroll is required to start the Farmhands Trade.
●  Farmhand Trade requires Farmhand Level 21 and the Character level 55.
●  The Farmhand Trade Route starts from the Farmhand-marked house and ends at one of the 3 Trade Outlets of the continent where the house is located.
   > The ongoing trade and plants in progress will reset if the marking is removed.
●  Only General Specialties and Gilda Specialties can be selected and it requires Trade Pack materials, Farmhands Labor, and Harvesting Costs.
   > The crafting materials are the same as the recipe in Folio.
   > Labors that apply to the Commerce Proficiency will be used. Both the labor for crafting and trading will be deducted.
   > Farmhands cannot trade with areas without inland Trade Goods.
●  The required time for completion will be randomly decided between the min and max value.
   > The freshness of the Trade Packs varies depending on the required time for completion.
●  Golds earned by Farmhands Trade are mailed 8hours after its sale, which is the same with the payment for manual trading.

Farm Vehicles Registration

●  Summoning Scrolls in the bag can be registered.
●  The number of  Trade Pack Storage is according to the registered Farm Vehicles.
●  The space for Speciality Trade Packs can be expanded as the level of FarmHand increases
   > Expanding requires Expansion Scrolls.
   > The number of the Specialty Trade Pack Storage can’t exceed the number of the Trade Pack Storage of the registered Farm Vehicle. You cannot use the exceeded number of the Storage.

Trade Pack Registration

●  Registering Specialties requires Materials, Farmhands Labor, and Harvesting Costs.
●  The additional Harvesting Cost will be required if Farmhands work on both the Farm/Garden and Production simultaneously.
   > The additional Harvesting Cost will be required if the Farmhand will begin trading while the plant is listed on the Farm/Garden.
●  The required time is randomly decided from the estimated time for completion and the freshness of the specialties varies depending on the time required.
●  Specialty Payments are mailed 8 hours after its arrival.
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