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Andelph Meister (edited 4/19)Item

2023-04-13 10:00
Item Appearance

Item Information

Glider crafted by applying Glowing Prism to Greatsword 'Andelph Meister' created from Andelph's best blacksmith Shutern.
He had never forgotten the Blue Light Greatsword that appeared suddenly and vanished one winter night when meteors were falling.
This Greatsword reproduced by processing meteor remains nearby is handed down as Shutern's masterpiece and posthumous work. 


  • Air Speed:Very High
  • Cruising Ability:High
  • Sheering Speed:Very High
  • Ascension:Very High
  • Special Skill:
    Can stay in the air for a long time at low air speed.
    Move speed increases by 50% for 5 sec. on ascension.
Special Skill(skill use)
Image Skill Description
Blade Leap Leaps high up instantly by gathering power onto the blade.
(Can reuse after 30 sec.)
Blade Dash Dashes to specific location on flight.
Causes continuous electric magic damage, decreases move speed by 30% and attack speed by 150 for 3 sec. to enemy targets colliding within 4m.
(Can reuse after 1 min.)
Use Burning Tail Feather Propels instantly by gathering power onto the wing.
Speed increases by 30% for 30 sec.
Can only be used on flight.

How to Receive

  • Can purchase at Marketplace.
  • Can receive by opening Andelph Sword Dance Bundle sold at Marketplace from After April 13, 2023 Maintenance ~ Before April 20, 2023 Maintenance. (edited 4/19)
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